1 SAMPLE - St Moritz Merino Cable Knit Black


Bargain: One sample piece only - a sample of the black cable knit sweater. This is a big size XL that never made it to production. The size is something between XL and XXL. A perfect piece of love for a big sized dog in need of some cuddle :) Only the measuring is different, otherwise it is the same lovely merino wool knit:

Finally a premium designer cable knit sweater for dogs! This 100% merino wool sweater from Bali the Dog is from the finest quality and is designed and made with perfection and love here in Finland. It features a high turtle neck for extra warmth and long sleeve openings for maximum comfort. The cable knit stretches nicely and fits most of the dog breeds. It´s exclusively available in three classic colours; black, grey melange and cream white.  

The merino wool properties are its fantastic softness, shine and breathability. It warms when it´s cold and cools when it´s hot. In other words, it regulates the body temperature really well, makes it works all year around. And what´s good for dogs, it naturally fights off odor-causing bacteria. So - no more acrylic. No more synthetics. No more itching. No more bad quality days. And of course, it is darn good looking. 

MATERIAL: 100 % Merino wool

XL: Back 58 cm. Chest 70-72 cm. Neck 62-64 cm.