The beginning of a love story.

Exactly one week ago I got to know Taco, the sweetest, cutest and funniest rescue dog ever. At that time I had no idea that he will be named Taco nor that he will be coming home with me to Finland. The first time I saw him was at a local dog rescue center in Sayulita, Mexico. He was waking up after a neuter surgery and totally dizzy from the anaesthesia, he could barely keep his small eyes open. He had ugly scratches on his head, his small body was shaking and the left eye was infected and really troubling him. This poor thing was recovering in a small cage, only 4 months old they thought, and so tiny. And so scared. 


Bali the Dog, how we met Taco the mexican street dog and adopted him home to Finland

This is the first time ever when I´m holding Taco. He did not want to be held at all, he was scared and felt very uncomfortable.


Bali the Dog, how we met Taco the mexican street dog and adopted him home to Finland

Tacos´cage to the left behind, the small one on the top. 


Bali the Dog, how we met Taco the mexican street dog and adopted him home to Finland

The left eye was really troubling him.

The rescue center was closing for the day so we needed to get going. Without knowing anything about how this was going to end, to adopt a puppy from Mexico back to Finland, we left Taco there to recover from his surgery. We had no idea if it even was possible to adopt from Mexico or what would it require. Was it even allowed and was this something for us? One thing I knew for sure was that I felt so much compassion and concern for this sweet thing and that I needed to see him again. We would be back next day to check up on Taco and to see how he was doing. Or Sunny, that´s what they called him at the dog rescue center. That was his name when I met him. Sunny. 

Bali the Dog, how we met Taco the mexican street dog and adopted him home to Finland


This very first drop in meeting at the dog rescue center Sayulitanimals was short and brief, but so so lovely. We were actually passing by not knowing much about their business operation, just curious about the place and the dogs. I guess in the back of my head I was hoping for something more...

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